Do you want to work with us at Mobile Leather Repairs in Leicestershire?

Do you want to make a nice living repairing car seats, leather furniture, handbags, clothing and lots more and have a flair for success, we want to hear from you now!

We will teach you how to

  • Repair holes in leather so they’re almost seamless
  • Colour matching course – once complete you will be able to match any colour to any leather or vinyl
  • Correct use of different fillers for reparing cracks, creases and large tears.
  • How to use different kinds of spraying techniques to obtain the perfect finish
  • Different dyes and colorants to use on a specific job.
  • Full ongoing support to make you succeed within your career.

Retired or looking for a new career?

Whether you are changing jobs, looking for a new career or perhaps retired and just want to work a few days a week, a leather repairs technician can be the career for you. Once you have finished your training you will have the freedom to make as much money as you would like either part-time or full time. Some leather repair technicians make over £1200 per week, it’s really up to you.

Making a career from Leather Restoration.

Leather restoration is still not widely known in the UK. Nearly every household has something leather or vinyl in their home or their car and very often than not, these suffer from tears, colour loss and a lot of accidental damage and spillages. It’s not unusual for a leather repair technician to be doing more than  3 jobs per day, we are in big demand indeed! You will be working on settees where someone has perhaps had an accident with a paint pot, general wear or tear or their cat or dog has caused damage to their expensive furniture. Another maybe their car seats have been damaged or again wear and tear. We also attract the classic car owners, so it’s not unusual to restore vintage motor cars, not forgetting planes, boats etc. The list is endless!

We provide you with all the leads and appointments.

Here at Mobile Leather Repairs our marketing expertise means we are never quiet and work is always available for you to undertake. therefore when you join our team, you will be hitting the ground running. You will have your exclusive area to work in, for instance an hours drive away, so you won’t be travelling the whole country. We will manage all leads and appointments on your behalf as part of the package.

How much money can I make?

How much money you make is entirely up to you. With our average job being £120 for a simple bolster repair to over £300 for a recolour of a suite, making in excess of £1200 a week is easily achievable for the right person.


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