A beautifully kept leather car interior is very important to keep your vehicle looking good. First impressions count when it comes to your car interior

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Leather Interior – Wear and Tear

Leather car interior repairs – Leather interiors can get damaged due to wear and tear and accidents caused by spillages, sun damage, damp, cold weather and of course young children etc. If your car interior or leather car seats have seen better days and needs a little care, don’t despair give us a call and let us show you what our car leather interior repairs services can do for you.

Saving You Money on a Brand New Interior

Ranging from dashboard repairs, seats, door cards, trims and steering wheels, we can repair these back to new for you, saving you pounds on buying a brand new interior. , if this has any holes, rips, tears, crease or cracks, it can really let a beautiful car down. Here at Mobile Leather Repairs, we can restore this back to its former beauty with a little TLC and know-how. We are fully experienced in restoring modern cars and classic cars. Call us now on 07904640389 or message us with your images.

Interior Repairs

Our leather car interior repairs can transform your car’s interior. We offer specialist cleaning, repairs to your existing seats, recolouring of door cards, dashboards, trims, rear seats and lots of accessories including headrest surrounds and anywhere where the leather has worn out or has been damaged. The damage can range from cigarette burns, stains, rips, tears and lots more. See below.

  • Leather door cards
  • Leather trims
  • Leather seats
  • Leather steering wheels
  • Leather facias
  • leather gear sticks

Steering Wheel Restoration

We can restore these back to as good as new by repairing, cleaning and colouring the leather.

If your leather steering wheel has seen better days with all the wear and tear of everyday driving, greasy hands or has been accidentally damaged, don’t spend money on a new leather steering wheel without talking to us first. Steering wheels can cost hundreds of pounds to replace especially the branded ones from BMW, Mercedes etc. Give us a call and we can give you a quote to repair this as good as new.

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