You will not believe your eyes how leather sofa repairs and a recolour will transform your sofa, chairs or 3 piece suite back to as good as new. We offer a fully mobile service for colour restoration, scratches, burns, repairs and small tears. If we can’t fix this in your home, we can arrange to pick this up and bring it to our workshop where can can complete the project. we will of course let you know if this is the case. We can also supply you with temporary furniture while your furniture is being fixed. We also offer a full upholstery service from our workshop in Nuneaton. Call us on 07904 640389 or send us your image.

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Don’t Buy a New Leather Sofa!

Before you decide to make a decision on buying a brand new leather sofa because it’s ripped, faded or cracked, please call me and let me show you what we can do. You will be amazed at the transformation our leather sofa repairs can achieve. If we can’t fix this mobile, we can arrange to have this picked up and bought to our workshop where we undertake upholstery repairs for a range of different styles of furnishings. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourselves!

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General Wear and Tear

I can make your sofa look as good as when you first had it.

When your leather sofa is being used day in and day out, no matter how expensive this was when you bought it, this will over time accrue marks from perhaps dirty hands off the kids, greasy hair marks and everyday dust and residues. This can make the sofa look old, tired and dated.

With a little bit of TLC and patience I can make your sofa look as good as when you first had it. Call us on 07904640389 to discuss your leather sofa repairs.

Pet Scratches to Your Leather Sofa

Pet scratches on your sofa can look very unsightly, but maybe not as bad as they look.

Cat’s have a habit of scratching posts and the corner of your leather sofa is a favourite place for them, unfortunately this can make the sofa look very unappealing and a bit of an eyesore. Don’t worry with a little work and attention to detail I can have this looking as good as new for you!

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Holes, Burns and Tears

Accidents do happen from time to time and most of our work is caused by accidents on your leather sofa or 3 piece suite.

A dropped cigarette can make a very unsightly hole, but before you rush out to buy a new sofa, please give me a call and i will show you what I can do. Holes. burns and tears can be fixed, patched and re-coloured professionally to a very high standard.





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